Cover Art and Illustrations produced for ‘Frank Penny and the Mystery of Ludlow Hums’ by Jeremy Elson     
CONSUMIRRORISM – Reflections on RecessionA solo show exhibiting a selection of earlier developmental works and some previously unseen pieces at the Cambridge Art Salon, December 16 – 21st.
No Horoscope: New Works & New WebsiteNew Work in preparatory stages. New Website coming soon.
Artist Talk: Patternicity. The Development of My Art PracticeI am delighted to be given the opportunity to present a talk upon the development of my art practice at the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl on Monday September 23rd, 7pm.
Art work ’36′ used for Echolounge ‘Take This Away’ Single.’36′ (Deus Absconditus – the Hidden God, Abraxas, symbolised by the Tetraktys), has been used to illustrate the first single of a series of monthly single releases from the band Echolounge.
Commission of Landscape ‘Southerndown Azure’ TriptychI was thrilled to be asked to produce a large triptych of Southerndown Cliffs in South Wales. The piece incorporates digital photography and mix media.
Y MabinogiBlodeuwedd has been selected as part of a permanent exhibition of Welsh Folklore, The Mabinogion and Arthurian Tales on display at King Arthur’s Labyrinth, Machynlleth.
SUBMISSION: N0.36 EXIHIBITED AMONGST 100:POSTCARDS SERIES. All 100 artists were asked to work within the dimensions of 6″ x 4″, although not restricted to 2D.
Eye on display in ‘Art & Life’ Exciting Pop Art ExhibitionEye is on display as part of an exciting exhibition of British Pop Art being held at the Off The Wall Gallery, Cardiff.
Illustration used on Giggle Cover Issue 6The Dec / Jan Edition, Proudly sports an uncompromising, anti-commercial/Christmas Look – Not a Santa, nor Elf in sight!
Work Shortlisted For Budding & Bespoke CompetitionMy Work entitled ‘Skulduggery with Orchids’ was shortlisted for the ‘Budding and Bespoke’ Competition which was held at the Dairy Design Hub in Cardiff on the 1st October 2010. The work is produced as limited lambda print.
Ooh La La Exhibited at Sex Wales & Anarchy 3My Work was displayed as part of BBC Torchwood Star Gareth David-Lloyd’s SW&A3 Event which was held in Cardiff’s Grand Coal Exchange Building in Cardiff Bay on Sept 4th.
Gubernare and Eye on Display at The DairyGubernare and Eye are currently on display as part of The Dairy’s assorted virtual room exhibits. The work was initially installed in time for The official Launch of The Dairy Design Hub, Cardiff on Friday the 6th August.
Illustration Used on Front Cover of Giggle Magazine Issue 4. Plus Giggle ShowcaseThe bumper edition Issue 4 also includes a profile about my work.
Exhibition of Striking Contemporary ArtThe Dairy is a new gallery and design showcase in Cardiff created by Welsh designer Tim Rice. My work was displayed alongside exhibits by other Welsh based artists from the 16th – 29th July.
Work on Display at the GPF Gallery, Newport, UKA month long exhibition being held between June and July.
Work Displayed at MilgiA selection of my work was displayed alongside other exhibits at Milgi Lounge in Cardiff as part of the Big Fuss Art Bonanza Bank Holiday Weekend. The exhibition was held until the end of May.
Jazz Cake’s T-Shirt 100 Project ExhibitionMy allocated T-Shirt Number is 71.
Mabinogion SeriesA series of three tiles produced for a private commission based upon a selection of stories from the Mabinogion.
Eye Exhibited at the AAF Battersea 2010The Eye was exhibited at The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea between the 10th and 14th of March. It was displayed alongside other works selected by the Transistor Contemporary Art Project led by Bristol based artist Chuck Elliott.
MA Fine Art Exhibition: Creative Acts‘New World Awe’ series exhibited at MA Fine Art Exhibition: Creative Acts, Cardiff School of Art & Design, September 2009
Factual…Not OpinionThe Return of Apollyon, A New Order of the Ages and The Dawn of the New day…
PunktumWill such expressions of individualism be tolerated under a New World Order?
RFID Cop“I’ll be ok… as long as I stay totally in line…”
Azazel (Ordo Ab Chao)Order from Chaos, Chaos from Order…
EyeSecure under watchful eyes….
AnunnakiSinister Shadow Governments, Black Ops, Stargates, Multiple Dimensions and the Annunaki…
GubernareBureaucracy, Legislation, Political Correctness, Dogma…